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The very mention of this name doesn’t make you feel good, does it? You can already imagine the sound of the machine, unpleasant pain and blood. I know it’s not easy for you, but see one thing. I am aware that one of the problems I most often notice in my patients is the fear of coming to the dentist. Regardless of whether they are older or younger people, men or women, there are very few people who have not faced this fear at least once in their life. And especially when we are talking about something like oral surgery.

Don’t worry. It is completely normal to have this uncomfortable feeling. Well, we’re all human and that’s all completely normal. You shouldn’t be ashamed to say that, because there are much more people who feel the same as you, than those who bravely walk into the doctor’s office with their shoulders held high. What you must be aware of, however, is that you must not allow this fear to make you stop coming for check-ups and that if you have a need for certain surgical treatment, you postpone it, because over time your oral health will deteriorate more and more, and the visits become even more traumatic and unpleasant for the dentist.

For my part, I promise you that I will really try to make you feel comfortable. That I will talk to you at all times and try to make you feel comfortable. We can play the music you want to make it easier for you. We can also sing if needed. And I have a few jokes up my sleeve, when the worst happens. I even removed that unpleasant smell that usually turns people away from the door. You’ll see what it’s all about.

Oral surgery – a few things you need to know

Sometimes it is necessary to perform certain surgical procedures in the oral cavity, and then an oral surgeon is involved in the therapy. Various procedures can be performed in the oral environment, some of the most common being surgical extraction, extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth, apicotomy, bone augmentation, frenulectomy and pre-prosthetic ridge preparation. Today, surgery is completely painless. By applying an anesthetic, it is possible to perform each procedure as comfortably and painlessly as possible for the patient. After daily oral surgical procedures, the patient can return to regular duties very quickly, which does not require postponing daily activities.

Tooth extraction is an intervention that is performed when the tooth cannot be saved (treated) endodontically. When a tooth is so destroyed by caries or has been open for too long that bacteria have constant access, such a tooth is considered indicated for extraction. Also, extraction implies the removal of tooth remains, such as roots or remaining tooth walls.

Extraction of impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are most often third molars, or wisdom teeth. Very often, due to the lack of space in the jaw, the wisdom teeth grow horizontally, which leads to a number of problems. It is possible for the entire dental row to move under the influence of the force produced by the wisdom tooth, but it is also possible for tooth decay to develop due to constant pressure and the impossibility of good hygiene. In that case, it is best to refer the patient to an oral surgeon, who will determine by examination whether the wisdom tooth is ready for extraction or whether there is still room for it to sprout. It is also possible to surgically make room for the tooth to come out, professionally called dental circumcision. The intervention is painless due to the use of anesthesia, and is performed by a specialist doctor.

Frenulectomy is a simple operation of cutting the frenulum of the tongue, in order to enable the normal pronunciation of some sounds, most often the letter R, which were not possible due to the short frenulum. The intervention is painless and short.

Root apicotomy is the surgical removal of the tip of the root of the tooth, if there is a large process on the tip or an infection occurs during the treatment of the tooth. It is most often performed on single-rooted teeth. It is important to note that these teeth are weaker supports for some future prosthetic work, so it is important to plan the therapy well.

Pre-prosthetic ridge preparation and bone augmentation are interventions that are carried out before prosthetic rehabilitation, if a part of the alveolar ridge is missing or has resorbed during a long series of years without teeth, and is necessary for the creation of a replacement, or when a part of the bone is missing and is needed for implant installation. Interventions are also painless and quick.

In the Dr. Bojan dental office located in the very center of Banja Luka, together with a team of experienced and ambitious experts, we do everything to provide you with painless procedures in the shortest possible time and all this with a quick recovery. In addition, it is important to note that our professional staff and above all the oral surgeon supervises their patients and monitors your treatment and recovery.

If you have any questions, inbox me or schedule a free examination today.

Oral surgery and procedures are not a bogeyman.

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20:34 11 May 21
Ono sto me je lično oduševilo kod Dr Bojana jeste njegova posvećenost pacijentu, strpljivost . U ordinaciji Dr Bojan niste samo jos jedan pacijent u nizu , tu je da sa vama razgovara , sasluša vaš problem te vam pomogne na najbolji način .Svaka preporuka, posebno ko se plasi stomatologa, jer ovo je mjesto gdje nestaje svaki strah .Poslije prvog odlaska kod Dr Bojana, svaki iduci put ćete dolaziti bez straha a odlaziti sa osmjehom na licu !!!
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Antonija je prezadovoljna i sa osmjehom izašla iz ordinacije dr.Bojan...svaka pohvala i preporuka na radu,trudu i strpljenju...Hvala doktoru i ljubaznoj sestri na svemu...kćerka je isto prezadovoljna izasla iz ordinacije nakon skidanja aparatića za zube,veliko hvala😁😁😁
Borislav StankovićBorislav Stanković
22:11 26 Nov 20
Sve pohvale za doktora Bojana, a i za njegov rad. 👍
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07:25 21 Aug 19
Vrhunska usluga, profesionalno osoblje, sve pohvale i topla preporuka!
Aleksandar PetrovićAleksandar Petrović
06:36 09 Aug 19
Bio sam u Banjoj Luci samo za vikend i pukao mi je zub, prednji. Doktor Bojan me je spasio! Nazvao sam ga u subotu, otvorio je ordinaciju zbog mene, napravio zub i spasio vikend! Sve preporuke!

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