In short, orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting irregularities in the growth of teeth and the development of the dental jaw. The teeth naturally tend to move minimally in the jaw, but as they rest on each other, these movements are not visible. However, if there is a deformity in the arrangement of the teeth, too much space, anxiety, too many or unerupted teeth, the harmony in the dental rows is disturbed. Then an orthodontist should be included in the therapy, who will determine the degree of deformity and find the best possible therapeutic solution.

Orthodontics represents a complex mechanism that is introduced into therapy with the aim of bringing the teeth to a normal but above all functionally satisfactory position, without damaging the teeth. During orthodontic therapy, the bone adapts to the new conditions and forces acting, but without traumatizing the teeth, because the orthodontist doses the forces slowly and at optimal intervals. We offer metal and aesthetic transparent brackets that stick to the tooth. A very important item when the patient is introduced to the ortho-terial is excellent oral hygiene and good cleaning of the interdental spaces and the space around the brackets, because dental plaque in such conditions tends to stay there. That is why it is important for the patient to be motivated for regular check-ups, but also properly trained in oral hygiene in such conditions.

Dr. Bojan’s dental office, after examination and conversation with the patient, suggests an adequate treatment and therapy that will give the best results. With the regular supervision of our expert staff, together we will make your teeth straight again and your smile perfect. Orthodontic treatments can be applied at any age, only an adequate choice of orthodontic appliance is required: fixed or mobile.

Mobile is usually used by children, although even in adulthood it can successfully solve certain problems. For fixed orthodontic appliances, the lower age limit is around 13 years, and there is no upper limit. Adults undergo orthodontic treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons, but also for pre-prosthetic tooth preparation.

Our office in the center of Banja Luka offers the most modern orthodontic services. If you have any questions or doubts, write to us or visit us, so that together we can find the best solution for your problem.

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20:34 11 May 21
Ono sto me je lično oduševilo kod Dr Bojana jeste njegova posvećenost pacijentu, strpljivost . U ordinaciji Dr Bojan niste samo jos jedan pacijent u nizu , tu je da sa vama razgovara , sasluša vaš problem te vam pomogne na najbolji način .Svaka preporuka, posebno ko se plasi stomatologa, jer ovo je mjesto gdje nestaje svaki strah .Poslije prvog odlaska kod Dr Bojana, svaki iduci put ćete dolaziti bez straha a odlaziti sa osmjehom na licu !!!
tina tinictina tinic
11:06 19 Mar 21
Antonija je prezadovoljna i sa osmjehom izašla iz ordinacije dr.Bojan...svaka pohvala i preporuka na radu,trudu i strpljenju...Hvala doktoru i ljubaznoj sestri na svemu...kćerka je isto prezadovoljna izasla iz ordinacije nakon skidanja aparatića za zube,veliko hvala😁😁😁
Borislav StankovićBorislav Stanković
22:11 26 Nov 20
Sve pohvale za doktora Bojana, a i za njegov rad. 👍
Milan ĐurićMilan Đurić
07:25 21 Aug 19
Vrhunska usluga, profesionalno osoblje, sve pohvale i topla preporuka!
Aleksandar PetrovićAleksandar Petrović
06:36 09 Aug 19
Bio sam u Banjoj Luci samo za vikend i pukao mi je zub, prednji. Doktor Bojan me je spasio! Nazvao sam ga u subotu, otvorio je ordinaciju zbog mene, napravio zub i spasio vikend! Sve preporuke!

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