Dental prosthesis


The dental prosthesis is a procedure for replacement of the circular parts of the tooth completely or for the replacement of lost teeth and soft parts of the oral cavity with artificial prostheses. Some of the reasons that lead to teeth loss:


  • Genetic deficiency of teeth
  • Trauma
  • Diseases of the teeth (caries, inflammation of the nerve, periodontitis …)
  • Mechanical damage


The problem of missing one, a few or all of your teeth can be solved very easily over a period of 5-10 days. Lack of teeth in addition to the visible aesthetic problem can be a complicated function and health problem. Over time, the adjacent teeth are overloaded, their inclination into the empty space, as well as the “swinging” of the teeth of the opposite jaw. If you miss all the teeth, and the problem of freezing is neglected for a long time, there are problems with food digestion, damage to the jaw and loss of symmetry and, facial proportions. For our clients, we make all kinds of crowns, bridges and dentures exclusively from high-quality materials and using the latest techniques of making.

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