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Stomatološka protetika

Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that requires a dedicated and individual approach to each patient, in order to obtain a fantastic result both in terms of aesthetics, as well as functionality and morphology, which is very important for the correct relationship of the upper and lower jaw.

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When choosing a therapist for any dental intervention, and especially for prosthetic work, choose professional, experienced and, above all, dedicated doctors, who will do their best not only to make your smile shine, but also your self-confidence. When one or several teeth are missing, damaged or affected by caries, they need to be replaced, not only to achieve aesthetics, but also to prevent the loss of their function and bring the jaws into a harmonious relationship.

How can tooth loss occur?

– genetic lack of teeth

– trauma

–dental diseases (caries, nerve inflammation, periodontitis…)

– mechanical damage

You can solve the problem of missing one, several or all teeth very easily within 5-10 days. Lack of teeth, in addition to being a visible aesthetic problem, can also be a complicated functional and health problem. Over time, there is overloading of the adjacent teeth, their tilting into the empty space, as well as the “floating” of the teeth of the opposite jaw. If you are missing all your teeth, and you ignore the problem of toothlessness for a long time, there will be problems with digestion, damage to the jaw joint and loss of symmetry and proportion of the face.

How can teeth be replaced/restored?

The healthiest, best and most beautiful way to replace lost teeth is zircon ceramics. Crowns made of this material imitate a natural tooth – zircon ceramic is translucent, allows light to pass through, which allows your smile to look bright and natural. The large selection of colors that is available will fit into every shade of complexion, and when we make crowns, we always follow an individual approach, where we look at each patient individually and thus achieve the best result.

Why is zircon the best choice?

Zircon is a bicompatible material. This means that the gums and oral cavity accept it as a natural tooth, so there are no allergic reactions, rejection or any unwanted consequences. When choosing restorations, the best choice for your health is this material – long-lasting, durable and, above all, aesthetically perfect.

Can a dark discolored edge in the gums occur with zirconia ceramics?

Not! zircon is made of exactly the same material in every part of the crown, and there is no admixture of metal or any other dark colored material. Therefore, it is not possible for zirconia crowns to become darkly discolored after a certain time, as can happen with metal ceramics, and that is why zirconia, in addition to all the other properties it has, is the best material you can choose for yourself.


When you do not want to grind the entire tooth, or it is simply not necessary, and yet you are not satisfied with the appearance, position, color or shape of your teeth, the solution for you is ceramic veneers or veneers. Ceramic veneers are thin flakes that cover the tooth. These restorations are made of exactly the same material as full crowns, so their above-mentioned properties are identical, and the only difference is where they are located – the veneers are placed on the front and slightly lower side of the tooth, without affecting the back surface, which gives an excellent aesthetic result without complete tooth grinding.

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Metal-ceramic crowns

Although aesthetically not as acceptable as zircon ceramic crowns, metal-ceramic crowns can boast of exceptional strength and resistance, and the progress of materials in recent years has led to the fact that this type of crown can also look great and give a superior aesthetic result. These crowns are made of two parts – a metal base and ceramic that is applied over the metal. The metal is completely covered so that it is not visible and the teeth have their own color chosen in consultation with your doctor. Our clinic works only with ceramics and other materials of the highest quality, and as we make sure that each of our work is top quality, we approach each patient individually and follow your wishes and needs.

Partial wisill dentures with “attachments”

When you have a few of your remaining healthy teeth, and some are missing, your doctor may suggest making a partial denture. It is a compensation that is attached to the remaining natural teeth, with an attachment bond, which is pleasant, comfortable to wear and you do not feel it in your mouth.

These prostheses are also known as “click prostheses”. The name itself says that they “click” to fit on other teeth, which gives maximum comfort. Attachments are precise, small elements that serve to connect the prosthesis and teeth. By joining these two parts, we get one whole, invisible in the mouth, so you can smile widely without care. These restorations are comfortable to wear and functionally perfect because all lost teeth are replaced.

Total dentures

When all the teeth are missing, it is very important to replace them in order to restore the lost function of chewing, speaking and swallowing. The lack of teeth greatly affects the digestive system, because insufficiently chewed morsels can lead to diseases of the intestines and stomach. Total prostheses are made of acrylic, and a certain period of getting used to wearing them is required. Certainly a better, lifelong and maximally comfortable solution is the installation of an implant that will carry a dental restoration, without an unpleasant feeling and completely natural.

How long does it take to do one prosthetic work?

All prosthetic works are made in a short period of time, from 5 to 10 days, depending on the scope of the work. We go through every step of the process together with the patient, we listen to your suggestions, wishes and suggestions, which is extremely important to us, because our goal is for you to leave the clinic satisfied with your new smile.

For our clients, we make all kinds of crowns, bridges and prostheses exclusively from top quality materials and using the latest manufacturing techniques.

And that would be it when it comes to dental prosthetics. If you have any doubts or unanswered questions, write to me in the comments or order a free examination today. 


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