Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the repair of irregularities of tooth growth and development of the tooth fork. Incorrect tooth growth and jaw asymmetry are an aesthetic and functional problem. Dental practice Dr. Bojan, after examining and talking with the patient, proposes an adequate treatment of treatment and therapy that will give the best results. With the regular supervision of our professional personality, we will together make sure that your teeth are correct again, and the smile is perfect. Orthodontic treatments can be applied at all times, only an adequate choice of an orthodontic device is required: fixed or mobile. Mobile is commonly used in children, although in the adult age it can successfully solve certain problems. For fixed orthodontic devices, the lower age limit is about 13 years old, and the upper limit does not exist. Adults are subjected to orthodontic treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons, but also because of pre-tooth preparation of teeth.

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