Periodontology is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of supporting tooth structures. Irregular oral hygiene can lead to a serious infection that can lead to tooth loss. Bacteria in dental caries can cause inflammation of the gum, and in the worst case, even bones that support the tooth. Adequate treatment is very important in order to keep our teeth healthy and prevent periodontal disease. In periodontal disease, we include gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is inflamed right, which it is evident through inflammation of red, swelling, pain and frequent bleeding when brushing teeth. Although the gums are sensitive, the teeth are still firm in the bone. At this stage of the disease, there is no irreversible loss of bone or other damage. Gingivitis often leads to periodontitis, if it is not treated in time by adequate methods. Bacteria that are formed during inflammation begin to break down the bones and connective tissue of the teeth. The tooth no longer has the support it had before inflammation and began to nod. There are periodontal pockets, where further batteries are accumulating which pockets are deepening and deepening worsening the disease. The result is this disease breakdown and, ultimately, tooth decay.

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