Teeth whitening

Beautiful and white teeth are one of the basic predispositions for the aesthetic appeal of your looks.

In order to achieve the desired whiteness but also to maintain the health of teeth, we recommend whitening technique.


This method of teeth whitening today is one of the most sought-after dental procedures.
Compared to other methods, whitening provides a safer and gentler approach
teeth whitening for a beautiful white smile.
Burning with individual splinters

This method is ideal for all those with sensitive teeth. 10-16% gums of urea peroxide are used. The gel is placed individually in the wrist and carried according to the instructions of the dentist (usually during the night). This whitening method is considered a “gold standard” for safe results and significantly less frequent whitening dental hypersensitivity.
Disposal of one-time garments – Opalescence Go

Opalescence, the world’s leading brand of teeth whitening products, has developed pre-filled disposable wrists for carefree teeth whitening at home. For bleaching, 6% hydrogen peroxide is used. The handshake is carried 60-90 minutes every day, and excellent results can be expected in 4-10 days. Tooth whitening has never been simpler and easier!

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