Installing an implant represents the best aesthetic, functional and morphological solution for lost teeth. No dilemma. It is a minimally invasive method that spares neighboring teeth and imitates them in the most natural way. When placing the implant, it is not necessary to grind the adjacent healthy teeth that should be the supports, but the implant is installed directly in the bone, and after a certain period of healing, the crown of the tooth is built on the part that has fused with the bone. It is a procedure that is performed under strictly sterile conditions.

What are implants?

The lack of one or more lost teeth is solved with implants. It is a compensation that gives great comfort and naturalness to the patient, and all the materials used to make the implant are biocompatible, that is, they fully correspond to the natural structure of the bone. Implants enable more efficient oral hygiene and maintenance because, imitating a natural tooth, they represent the most natural replacement that can be made. The ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 6 prostheses, where 4 or 6 implants are installed in the lower or upper jaw, to which the total prosthesis is fixed, are also included in the most modern types of implantology works.

Such compensation is very comfortable for the patient, he does not have the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth, and removable prostheses are avoided, which are difficult for the patient to get used to. Implantology is certainly one of the most advanced branches of dentistry, which is another reason why it represents the best solution for the patient, and in our practice in Banja Luka we strive to provide the latest services in this field, following world trends.

Therefore, if you have lost one or more teeth and avoid smiling, or even eating in public for fear that your dentures might fall out, you might want to consider getting implants. It can be especially inconvenient for people who wear partial dentures to constantly take them off and put them in a cup during the night. Implants are without a doubt the most long-term solution, and no matter how many teeth you are missing, dental implants will allow you to:

• To smile with confidence,
• To eat whatever you want and in any place,
• Talk and laugh without discomfort.

What are the advantages of installing implants?

• Good aesthetic and functional stability
• Quick adaptation to wearing prosthetic work
• Ease of installation
• Faster rehabilitation and the possibility of early loading if primary stability has been achieved and preserved in a period of 2 to 4 weeks
• The possibility of better hygiene, as well as psychosocial security
• Prophylactic and therapeutic action on the periodontium of natural teeth
• Economic justification due to the length of the teeth

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20:34 11 May 21
Ono sto me je lično oduševilo kod Dr Bojana jeste njegova posvećenost pacijentu, strpljivost . U ordinaciji Dr Bojan niste samo jos jedan pacijent u nizu , tu je da sa vama razgovara , sasluša vaš problem te vam pomogne na najbolji način .Svaka preporuka, posebno ko se plasi stomatologa, jer ovo je mjesto gdje nestaje svaki strah .Poslije prvog odlaska kod Dr Bojana, svaki iduci put ćete dolaziti bez straha a odlaziti sa osmjehom na licu !!!
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Antonija je prezadovoljna i sa osmjehom izašla iz ordinacije dr.Bojan...svaka pohvala i preporuka na radu,trudu i strpljenju...Hvala doktoru i ljubaznoj sestri na svemu...kćerka je isto prezadovoljna izasla iz ordinacije nakon skidanja aparatića za zube,veliko hvala😁😁😁
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Sve pohvale za doktora Bojana, a i za njegov rad. 👍
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Vrhunska usluga, profesionalno osoblje, sve pohvale i topla preporuka!
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06:36 09 Aug 19
Bio sam u Banjoj Luci samo za vikend i pukao mi je zub, prednji. Doktor Bojan me je spasio! Nazvao sam ga u subotu, otvorio je ordinaciju zbog mene, napravio zub i spasio vikend! Sve preporuke!

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