Conservative dentistry and endodontics

Caries or chemical damage to the surface of the tooth resulting from metabolic events in caries that are deposited on the teeth can occur on all layers of the tooth and its components. Damage to dental tissue that is most often caused by caries or traumatic damage, is repaired using top composite materials that mimic natural teeth.
Carries progression can affect one or more surfaces of the teeth so that when making a filling after removal of caries we can speak of single-sided, two-sided or multi-faceted fill.
If caries progresses deeper into the tooth pulp (nerve), it is accessed by an endodontic procedure. Pulsating pain, which intensifies to warm stimuli, and at the lying position of the body indicates pulmonary inflammation (pulpitis). Then it is necessary to approach the endodontic treatment of teeth.
Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and periapical tissue. The primary goal of endodontics is to preserve the natural tooth and thus delay or prevent prosthetic and implant therapy. Procedures for achieving this are diagnosis and therapy of pulmonary disease, vital pulp therapy, non-surgical treatment of the root canal, re-treatment of failed treatment, whitening of endodontically treated teeth and endodontic surgery.

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